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I Release You To Become Who You Came Here To Be

by Erin Paige


I Release You is a guidebook to allow yourself to

become an authentic, powerful creator. The perfect UPlift gift!


Erin Paige's notes to self emerged from her own longing to become

her most authentic, powerful self. By surrendering to the whispers within her soul she has been able to evolve back into the person she came here to be. Each Note and Reflective Moment is a tool to assist you to do the same.




"Erin's guidebook has been a friend to me, helping to remind me to make self-care a priority. Her writings not only reach out with a big, warm hug, but also remind you that there's an exciting world out there and you're supposed to be a part of it!"

- Lauren Goldman, Art Director & Womantrepreneur


"These 'notes-to-self' radiate positive energy in the same way Erin Paige presents herself in person. All heart."

- Nicole Feltz, Insurance Agent & Foster Mom


Erin Paige is a speaker, mother and artist. She is the creator of the UPlifting event: DREAM Party! (Dare. Radiantly. Everyday. And. Moment.) Throughout her life she has seen the signs and heard Spirit calling her. Finally, with complete surrender, she is heeding to the call and shares her God-gifted voice to help ignite the collective.


87 easy-to-read pages.



Book: I Release You...

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$4.44Sale Price
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