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Luv Ya Girl, Erin Paige

Together, we can ignite the flame of self-love and embark on a path of empowerment,

healing,and embrace the true essence of who we were born to be." - Erin Paige

Ignite the Brilliance in Your Audience with Erin Paige

Erin Paige has presented her message from convention stages to podcasts

and professional workshops. She paints from the stage upon request!

- Most Influential Women Awards Keynote

- Global Entrepreneurs Week

- Dr. Lotus Riche Ignites Show

- Safe In His Arms Conference

- Make Every Second Count Show

- Triumph For The Family Conference for Teenagers

- KC Bridal Guild 

-Menorah Medical Center

- Unleash Your Full Potential International Summit

- Activate Your Power Now!

- Taxpayer Assistance Center

- Becoming The Best You Conference - St. Louis

- Becoming The Best You Conference - Kanas City

- DREAM Party - An UPlift Event

- TVH Parts Americas - Nudge Series

- Artfully Told Podcast

And more!

It's All About Self-Love!

(Luv Ya Girl has all the feels and so much more)

Welcome to Luv Ya Girl, a vibrant universe where your brilliance will shine like never before!

At Luv Ya Girl, we believe that self-love is the ultimate superpower. It's time to embark on a joyful journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where you'll find a treasure trove of tools, wisdom, and inspiration to nourish your soul.

Whether you are 25 or 65 Luv Ya Girl is calling all women to join the mission!


This is your haven, a sanctuary designed to uplift, transform, and connect. Get ready to embrace your uniqueness, revel in your achievements, and uncover the true essence of your brilliance.

With a sprinkle of magic, a dash of laughter, and a whole lot of love, we're here to support you on your path of inner growth. Discover transformative practices, empowering resources, and heart-centered guidance and support that will uplift your spirit and nourish your soul.

So, gorgeous soul, are you ready to dive into the depths of self-love and uncover the boundless brilliance that resides within you?


Join the Luv Ya Girl community and let's create a world where joy and fun are the guiding forces on our journey of self-discovery.

Remember, you're never alone on this adventure. Together, we'll unlock the doors to self-love, inspire one another, and radiate our brilliance to the world. Welcome to a community that embraces your authentic self and cheers you on every step of the way!

Get ready to ignite your brilliance and embark on an extraordinary voyage of self-love.


Luv Ya Girl is your playground of empowerment,

where the magic happens, and your brilliance truly shines!

Ignite the Brilliance Within Today!
It's Like Buying One Cup Of Coffee, But Better!

Meet The Girl Behind Luv Ya Girl, Erin Paige.

With a deep understanding of the transformative power of self-love,

Erin Paige is on a mission to guide women of all ages on a journey of discovering and embracing their inner brilliance.

Having personally experienced the dark depths of self-doubt, loneliness, and even depression, Erin Paige knows firsthand the challenges that life can present. Through life's trials, including the devastating experiences of rape, divorce, single motherhood, and various forms of abuse, mental, physical, and substance, Erin Paige discovered a profound source of strength and healing.

Drawing upon the boundless love from her
 higher source, Erin Paige discovered the incredible potential within herself to rise above adversity. The path to reclaiming her true essence and stepping back into her heart-space became the foundation of her transformational journey which continues with each new day.

Driven by a genuine desire to uplift and empower others, Erin Paige
 has dedicated herself to creating a platform where women can embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and self-love. Through Luv Ya Girl, Erin Paige's mission is to provide a safe and nurturing space where women can embrace their authenticity, ignite their inner brilliance, and connect with a community of like-hearted individuals.


Erin Paige has spoken world-wide and believes that every woman (and human) has the potential to reclaim her brilliance and live a life filled with purpose, joy, and authenticity!

"It is my sincere wish that women remind themselves everyday of the

extraordinary humans they are and live a brilliant life. - Erin Paige

Step into the world of Luv Ya Girl and begin your transformative journey today!


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