Discover the magic in your life!


Make the shift to look at your life's timeline and acknowledge your truth.  


 You are the creator of our reality. You can seek the good or

the not-so-good, it is your choice.


After years of digging herself out of everything the outside world was piling on her,

Erin Paige lives and speaks her truth. As a speaker, author, healing artist,

and mother, she creates using her heartFULL connection to her soul's purpose.

No matter where she speaks or shares her her gifts, Erin Paige is all heart.


You also have the power within to create a heartFULL connection

with the true essence of who you are.


Everything happens in divine timing. Is it time for you?

With courage, worthiness, appreciation, and love, let's begin!



Erin Paige is thrilled to work with you!

 She will help guide your group or organization to live authentically and become the powerful creators they were brought here to be.

Speaking to workshops, Erin Paige brings her massive heart

of enthusiasm for life to any audience.

Her intention: Come with an open mind. Leave with a full heart! 


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"When you discover what you want

and what you don't want, you begin

to live a magical life."  - Erin Paige

Overland Park, Kansas

Tel: 816-820-1259


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Authentic. Powerful.Creator.

Yes, you are!

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