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Meet Erin Paige

The Heart & Spark

After years of digging herself out of everything the outside world was piling on her, Erin Paige lives and speaks her truth. As a speaker, author, healing artist, and mother, she creates using her heartFULL connection to her soul's purpose.

No matter where she speaks or shares her gifts, Erin Paige is all heart!

The DREAM Ignitor

The DREAM Ignitor

What does DREAM stand for?


Dare. Radiantly. Everyday. And. Moment.


Erin ignite’s the spark in those who are open to dreaming UP and elevating into the infinite possibilities in all areas of their lives through heart-centered guidance.

Yes, you can call her a coach! She has worked with clients around the world to enhance and elevate their lives...and DREAM again!

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Client Comment:

"I am so glad I met her! I would never have accomplished what I set out to do without Erin's guidance.

She is one word - Love." - Bre S.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
DREAM Ignitor

The Speaker

Erin Paige is all heart! The genuine nature which flows through Erin Paige becomes evident the moment she speaks her first words on stage. The heart-centered message can bring out the goodness in anyone in the national and international audiences she had spoken to.

Connect with her today to see how her heartFULL message can shift your group, organization, or event into a heart-centered experience. Click here.

Erin Paige has presented her message from convention stages to being a guest on podcasts and shows around the world. Check them out:

- Becoming The Best You Conference - Kanas City

- TVH Parts Americas - Nudge Series

- Dr. Lotus Riche Ignites Show

- Safe In His Arms Conference

- Unleash Your Full Potential International Summit

- Make Every Second Count Show

- Triumph For The Family Conference for Teenagers

- Kansas City Bridal Guild 

-Menorah Medical Center - Women's Health Expo


The Artist

Erin Paige was born an artist and feels it is part of her legacy to create works of art which radiate a healing energy when viewed. Whether it is her unique hearts or her abstract landscapes, each piece calls for you to look deeper into the canvas' soul.


Many works will showcase intuitive messages Erin receives while painting. It has yet to fail - the message written is what the new owner needed to hear.

View her recent works! Click here.

Erin's work has been shown throughout the United States. Here are some of the locations:

- Santa Monica, CA

- New York, NY

- Menorah Medical Center's Cardiac Department

   (permanent installation)

- Downtown Overland Park Art Fest

- Gilda's Club - Kansas City, MO

   (permanent installation)

- Jones Gallery 

- Kansas City Symphony Show House

- Kappa Homes Tour

- Somerset Winery

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