Meet Erin Paige


"The template of my life is filled with color!



Erin's mission statement

The DREAM Ignitor:

I ignite the spark in those who are open to dreaming UP and elevating into the infinite possibilities in all areas of their lives through heart-centered guidance.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Erin Paige is all heart! The genuine nature which flows through Erin Paige becomes evident the moment she speaks her first words on stage. The heart-centered message can bring out the goodness in almost anyone in the audience. 


Erin Paige was born an artist and feels it is part of her legacy to create works of art which radiate a healing energy when viewed. Whether it is her unique hearts or her abstract landscapes, each piece calls for you to look deeper into the canvas' soul.


Many works will showcase intuitive messages Erin receives while painting. It has yet to fail - the message written is what the new owner needed to hear.