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"Erin Paige does a great job of helping you see through the fog and understanding your direction and power.


She is a great speaker and really tailors the presentation to the crowd and the goal. 

Her creativity is inspiring, and her smile is contagious! Such a wonderful human who helps you create your own path towards positivity."

Fatma Konyalioglu
Owner Fatma's Alterations

"Erin Paige spoke on the topic of mindset and it went over so well with the group of wedding industry professionals. I saw so many people locked in on Erin during her presentation because of the message she was speaking on and her energy and authenticity.


Not very often do I see speakers able to engage the crowd in the way Erin did.


She radiates positive energy, she can speak and connect to so many people with her story. She is very approachable and is the type of person you feel like you've known your whole life.


Thank you, Erin, for speaking to our group!"

Stephanie Hopkins
Owner & Lead Coordinator
Pretty & Planned Events L.L.C.

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"In a world of rush this and rush that and move on to the next thing, Erin has a unique way of creating a centered and mindful setting though her art, spoken word and wisdom. She truly understands that to breathe new life and energy into something, you must listen to your soul and comprehend what is around you. She is truly a joy to work with on so many levels."

Stann Tate
Marketing Director
Menorah Medical Center

I attended Erin’s DREAM Party and was glad for the experience. In this fast-paced society it is easy to feel depleted. Erin reminded me that the most important relationship I’ll have on my journey is the one with myself. It’s not only good, but necessary to nurture that relationship. I had a wonderful time at the event and loved sharing it with friends. Thank you, Erin!

Laura Chalk

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