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GLAAL - Helping New Majority Businesses Is Her Business

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

When Vicki Kenyon asked those she trusts if she was crazy for starting a business in the middle of a pandemic, the feedback was "Yes, it's crazy. But, if anyone can do it, you can!"

She is President & Founder of Alice Norman Sales & Resource Group - a manufacturer’s representative agency (broker) focused on working with New Majority Owned food and food packaging manufacturers that are ready for GROWTH MODE. Their mission is to provide resources for their manufacturer partners that allow for improved operations, increased sales volume, and increased profitability.

Vicki shares her GLAAL story of being of service to others and always staying true to yourself!

Click to watch her UPlifting story!

For inquiries regarding representation or purchase of represented products, call (773)263-1696 or email is coming soon!

Thank you for sharing, Vicki!

Now go GLAAL everyone!!!

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