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What does Spirit, your angels, and the Universe want you to know?


Open up your heart space to receive the messages brought forth for you in this time during the reading.


What to expect?


The reading can be general or you can ask a specific question. If it is a question, please put it in the notes section at checkout.


Erin Paige will send you a video recording of your reading within 72 hours of purchase.


Oracle cards may also be used. These cards hold a bigger energy and give an insight into a greater sense of what is going on.


The session lasts approx. 30 minutes.


The moment will be created in love and given in love! 




"Thank you! I LOVED IT!! Can't wait to book another one!"

- Gibson L.


"Got it Erin! Thank you. The White Angelica does not surprise me at all nor the Lion card. I just recently began using essential oils in my home. It all makes sense."

- Virginia D.


"OMG!!! Spot on. Everything I needed to know at this time!"

- Kim H.



**These messages are for entertainment purposes only.**


Disclosure of Limitations
This reading should never be used in place of professional advice. Your reading cannot offer legal, medical, business or financial advice nor does any portion of your reading from Erin Paige purport to. You should not rely on this reading to make decisions that would affect your mental, legal, financial or medical conditions. If you need guidance in these areas PLEASE seek out a licensed professional. Erin Paige readings can only give you guidance on how to cope with a situation on a spiritual level.


Intuitive Reading

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