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4"x4" ceramic tiles are hand-painted by healing artist, Erin Paige. Loving-kindness, Reiki, and positive energy is infused into each tile as Erin Paige listens to healing tones such as 528Hz and 639Hz (the heart chakra).


Tiles are painted in various colors making each one unique and one-of-a-kind!


Easle and *wallet card included.


No returns or exchanges.


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*Erin Paige's "Note to Self" message has been printed on a card for you to keep in your wallet and take out and read when you need a little boost in your day and/or spirit. She purchased an inspirational card when she was at university and has kept in her wallet throughout the years - the inspiration behind the included wallet card.

Love Tile 34

  • "I Release You To Become Who You Came Here To Be"


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