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If I Can, You Can Too! I Sing...

I've been on stage my whole life...singing, dancing, speaking. Despite all of it, I still have fear of sharing my God-given voice through singing.

After several inspirational people brought to light how short life is, I decided to put on my Amazing NO FEAR Dreamcoat and sing on an early morning.

I did it for me and, more importantly, did it to (hopefully) reach one other person who is afraid to create an amazing life.

My backstory and a song...

If I can do it...YOU CAN TOO!!!


Go. Live. An. Amazing. Life!!

May God bless you and keep you safe and fill your heart with love!!!

Mucho love,


P.S. Hear other people's #GLAAL stories HERE!

Note: I DO NOT own the rights to this song. This is for personal use and entertainment. #DREAMBIG #Speaker #RainbowConnection

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