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Winged With The Wind

Tonight I prepare for the love of my life to come home. My son, my GRANDEST gift, arrives early tomorrow morning to spend his next six days to be loved on and filled up with what his friends and family can provide.

You see at times all we need is love and to filled up at times. It's part of the human life we lead.

I, too, know what the need to be loved and heard feels like.

Many times, this world is all about takers. And, the givers, at some point get left behind...unless we know what is taking place and we are able to voice it. (A lesson we seem to re-enroll into every semester if we are not fullly enlighten.)

To the givers out there: Would you agree? If I agree, am I alone is the real question.

"Boundaries". Its a buzz words these days.

Do you know what yours are? Do you know how to speak your truth when those boundaries are crossed?

I did not understand or know what boundaries were until recently. (Even for all the goodness I have tried to send into this world, boundaries have always been a struggle.)

So many times I would be in a relationship (friendship, romantic, or professional) where I would feel the feet beating me down and smothering me to my core, but did not understand what was really going on.

My eyes were opened WIDE after my last relationship where I felt like I had no voice because I was called to meet every insecurity he ever felt. It ultimately lead me to discounting who I was and I shut down which did not help the dynamic of the household and toxicity set in. (Yes, the heart girl was sleeping most of the day, not blooming as her words were presented on social media. Friends and family finally started saying, "I want my friend back! Where she go?")

No fault the other party for my 50%. I OWN IT!! I knew it and continued to play the game.

Again, let's be clear...I OWN IT MY 50%!

Why do I share this?

It is time to for us all to OWN everything we have been and are in this moment. Life begins to bloom when you finally claim ownership of your life's property.

It is time to recognize the needs within ourselves first and, then, in others. And, then, within the whole of whatever relationship you are in, decipher which is yours and which is not - time for boundaries.

I end with this...

YOU ARE LOVE! Because you were created in LOVE and there is NO separation. Period. End of story!

If you are in need of love, please seek out those who know you and align with you and ask for their guidance and support. If they love you for who you are, they will buy you a ticket from wherever you are and bring you HOME to be showered with the love you deserve and require. Make no exceptions...YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE.

Now...I will continue to prepare and love on my "treehouse" in which I currently live and prepare to love on the ever-expanding human being I had the privilege of birthing into this human existence.

As I said at the beginning of this post, my son is my GRANDEST gift. The grandest gift my body has ever experienced. (Yes, the sexiest I have ever felt...but, don't tell him this!)

Live well and be well, my friends.

Mucho love and light,


P.S. My latest music favorite is Deya Dova and her voice is part of my inspiration for this post. Please click to listen to "The Winged One".

Love and light,


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